About Us

The Global Campaign for Peace & Justice in Cameroon is an informal group of academics, activists, journalists, lawyers, students, and other concerned citizens around the world who believe in the urgent need for a peaceful resolution of Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis.


  • are alarmed by the human rights abuses and war crimes committed in the Anglophone regions, where unarmed civilians bear a disproportionate burden,
  • believe political solutions, not military force, are necessary to solve Cameroon’s political challenges,
  • believe that the peace talks announced in June 2019 by the Swiss Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, with bolstering, would represent the best way forward at this time for an inclusive negotiated settlement, 
  • advocate for the international community to press all parties to join the peace talks, 
  • advocate for international humanitarian aid groups to have unfettered access to civilians,
  • seek to amplify media attention to keep Cameroon’s crisis in front of decision-makers,
  • are nonpartisan and apolitical, while urging Cameroonians to seek nonviolent solutions.

The world has changed due to the spread of COVID-19. The United Nations asked leaders of all conflicts to enact ceasefires due to the virus. We wholeheartedly support this call, and ask the Cameroon government and all armed separatist leaders to cease hostilities in the Anglophone regions.

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