Resources: Projects by various affiliates

Database of Atrocities

Understanding War Crimes pamphlet

Understanding War Crimes videos in English, French, and Pidgin 

Inter-Community Dialogue

We Need Peace Dance Video

Open Letter to French President Emmanuel Macron [English]

Lettre ouverte à Macron [français]

Letter to President Biya from Catholic Bishops

Why the African Union Must Not Ignore Cameroon

Drawing a Line in the Sand: The UN has a Responsibility to Protect English speakers in Cameroon

South West and North West Women’s Task Force Urges Foreign Powers to Front Back-to-School Campaign

Standing Against the Use of Child Soldiers

There Is No Peace Without Justice, and No Justice Without the Truth

Petitions by Canadians for Peace in Cameroon

La CAN doit-elle à nouveau être reportée ? [francais]

UK Foreign Policy & the Kennedy Trap in Cameroon

Naming and Shaming the Bad Guys

From Soweto to Kumba, Children in the Line of Fire

Exploring the Use of #MyAnglophoneCrisisStory on Twitter to Understand the Impacts of the Cameroon Anglophone Crisis

French President Emmanuel Macron can be a peacemaker in Cameroon

Anglophone Crisis Database implicates Cameroon Military, Armed Separatists in five new atrocities

Fears of Escalating Violence as Cameroon Waffles on Peace Talks 


2 Minute Brief: Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis – PDF version | audio version

Briefing Note: Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis (December 2021)

Briefing Note: Women Affected by Crisis in Cameroon

Cameroon’s Government Is Deceiving the West While Diverting Foreign Aid

Doing Business in Cameroon – A Risk Analysis [English]

Faire des affaires au Cameroun – une analyse des risques [français]

Has the Anglophone Crisis Diverted Cameroon’s Resources from Fighting Boko Haram?

Letter in Support of Women’s Call for Peace

On the Eve of International Day of Education

Open Letter to Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland

Urgent Appeal to Diplomats and International Bodies (re: threats to Ngo Mbe & Nkom)

Appeal to Diplomats and International Bodies (re: threats to Nkongho) [English, francais]

Recent Worrying Increase in Repressive Trends in Cameroon

Appeal to Diplomats and International Bodies (English/français)

Appeal to Diplomats and International Bodies (re: threats to Nkwain) [English, français]

RFK Statement of Congratulations [English, français]

African Union Letter, October 21 Africa Human Rights Day (2022)

Statement of Support for the Canada-led Talks [English, français]

Is Cameroon a Reliable Partner? A Risk Analysis [English]

Le Cameroun est-il un partenaire fiable? Une analyse des risques [français]

Statement of Congratulations, March 8, 2023, in English followed by French

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