Resources: Key reports and select news stories


Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon: A Report on Recent Incidents of Violence Committed by Elements of the Defence and Security Forces and Non-State Armed Groups

Education Under Attack in Cameroon

International Crisis Group: Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis: How to Get to Talks

International Crisis Group: Cameroon’s Anglophone Dialogue: A Work in Progress

Human Rights Watch: Cameroon: Events of 2019

The Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights & Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa: Cameroon’s Unfolding Catastrophe

University of Oxford Faculty of Law: Human Rights Abuses in the Cameroon Anglophone Crisis

US Department of State: 2019 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Cameroon 

US Holocaust Memorial Museum: Policy Brief: Risk of Mass Atrocities in Cameroon 

Avenir incertain [video including English and French


Mixed reception to call for Covid-19 ceasefire in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions

Civilians massacred in separatist area

English-speaking villages are burning in Cameroon

Cameroon’s conflict keeps schools shut

UN officials raise alarm over escalating violence, call for civilian protection

Cameroon’s separatist leader is willing to talk peace, but only with UN backing

From Russia with gas

Rebooting a global COVID-19 global ceasefire — and Israel’s role 

Bass, Members of Congress, express concern regarding insecurity and violence to President Biya

US Senate Resolution 684

US Announcement of Visa Restrictions

European Parliament Resolution

A Powder Keg Waiting To Explode -Dr Chris Fomunyoh On Hopes and Fears For Cameroon

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